What is the plan ?
The plan is a fat loss Manuel that teaches its user about the science behind fat loss.
Why is it effective ?
The plan is effective because it not only teaches you on how to lose that stubborn fat, but also provides tricks and tips on how to speed it up like a professional.
What is different about it ?
The difference between The plan and other manuals is that the plan gets straight to the point and teaches its user exactly what they need to know in order for them to burn fat quickly and effectively.
How will it benefit its user ?
The plan will benefit its user in many ways. Firstly, it will change the way they think of fat loss as a whole it pushes for life style change as this is the only way they can hold on and maintain results. And secondly, because there is ingredients in it that will boost your metabolic rate to make you burn fat at a faster pace. And these detox drinks are key.
Who can use the plan ?
The plan is for anybody who wants to lose weight .
What is the fat freezing belt ?
The fat freezing belt is exactly what it says on the packet. It freezes fat kills white fat cells and then the body metabolises these cells and it decreases the amount of fat surrounding any area you strap it on to.
Why does the fat freezing belt work ?
The fat freezing belt works by spot reducing fat. It has been scientifically proven that fat freezing reduces fat in any area you concentrate it on.
When you can use the fat freezing belt ?
You can use it at any time of the day whenever you like and however you like as long as you use it for 30 days. For 30 to 45 mins you will lose at least 30-40 percent of the fat surrounding the area you strap it onto this is fat loss measured in inches .
How ?
By freezing fat you kill white fat cells the body then metabolises these fat cells through the liver and your left with a. 30 to 40 percent decrease of fat in the targeted area.