So here's how it works - The Scienctific Bit.

Around 40 years ago scientists observed children that ate a lot of popsicles developed dimples in their cheeks. They discovered that white fat cells are susceptible to cold temperatures and when exposed to the right amount of cold for the right amount of time the white fat cells would literally freeze and die which caused dimples.

This was the beginning of Fat Freezing known as Cryolipolysis which has now been scientifically proven with numerous studies.

White Fat Cells Are Susceptible To Cold

Subcutaneous fat or white fat cells under the skin are sensitive to cold. This is the thick fat found on your waist, hips, thighs, buttocks, abdomen, back, flanks and male chests.

Around 30-40% Of White Fat Cells Are Targeted

When our fat freezing belt is left on for the right amount if time between 30% and 40% Of white fat cells freeze and die.

When A Fat Cell Dies The Body Removes it

When a white fat freezes it can't survive in its membrane and when this happens it dies. Then cells from your immune system (macrophages) come and remove the dead fat cells metabolising them through the liver getting rid of them naturally.

30 - 50 Days Later

By using your fat freezing belt on a target area every day for 30 days, drinking 2 litres of water a day and massaging the area after freezing it you can reduce the fat in that area by 30-40% guaranteed.